“Things Tony Blair Was Right About”, by Hugo Rifkind

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12th June 2012

OK, Blogger’s Rights (while they last) means I have adjusted this title somewhat. But let’s be blunt, I am not mingling opinion and fact. This is what the writer Hugo Rifkind thinks.

‘Gordon Brown’s brazen mangling of opinion and fact’ (source)

  • by: HUGO RIFKIND, From: The Times,  June 13, 2012 12:00AM (that’s tomorrow to we Brits.)

‘ON Monday I had a distressing experience. It consisted of listening to Gordon Brown address the Leveson Inquiry and having to add yet another item to the mental folder I keep in my skull entitled “Things Tony Blair Was Right About”.

I’m not proud of it. I wasn’t concentrating in my twenties, but I don’t remember ever voting for Blair. The one political event on which I managed to work up a passion, indeed, was The Big Thing Tony Blair Was Wrong About. And yet, too often, now I am concentrating, these things – the ones he was right about – crop up: academies, civil partnerships, the NHS. I shan’t go on because it upsets me, but on Monday it happened again. Because Blair was also right, I now realise, about the failings of the British press. And Brown isn’t.’


To Mr Rifkind: it may take some time yet, but as we watch Syria descend into chaos, untroubled by the rest of us and particularly by the UN (Useless Nations), you may well come to wonder if intervention is a better option. In my humble opinion, Tony Blair was right about that too.

My thanks for the heads-up to fellow tweeting member of WFWHF (We Few, We Happy Few [Blair supporters]), John Rentoul



Brown denies bid to grab No 10 job from Blair at Leveson Inquiry – In your dreams.


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