Excuse Me. We’re Missing The Mood Music

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29th May 2012

Update: The Guardian reports that Leveson has passed the Tony Blair protester case to the director of public prosecutions 


An ever-so-polite protester was restrained by security – eventually – as Tony Blair testified at the Leveson inquiry yesterday.

Yesterday a self-righteous individual with a “beef” wormed his way “easily” into the Royal Courts of Justice. He emerged from behind a startled Brian Leveson the judge who is leading the inquiry into the British media. The beefed-up one then stood a few metres away from this country’s former prime minister and politely shouted to him and the dumbstruck assembled “Excuse me!”

He yelled a few other things too. The sort of ice-breaking, meaningless chit-chat you make towards new, transient partners in the knowledge that you’re not expected to consummate the relationship. It took less than half a minute to spew out the ‘do you come here oftens?’

Then he pulled out a gun and shot dead The Judge, the Prize Witness and the Leading Barrister. Oh and the young legal beaver woman behind the barrister, even though she had clearly been enthralled by the enticing merry dance. 

[Would someone advise this young “legal person” (below on left) one doesn’t smirk tellingly when one’s judicial hearing is interrupted, especially when it is being shown live to the world? (See first few seconds into video.)]


Of course, this last bit didn’t happen. No-one died.

But they could have. THAT’S the point. And the social-media mood music which congratulates someone for having the contempt to gatecrash a judicial hearing encourages future have-a-goers. Encouraged even more by the fact that this man is not to be charged after his excuse-me jiggery-pokery.

I’m not taking a swipe at the security of the Leveson Inquiry court-room, though there are clearly issues.  Brian Leveson is quite capable of doing that. A few moments after the jig ended and the jigger had been juggled off, Leveson set up an immediate inquiry as to how the intruder had worked his way in through the judge’s personal entrance into court.

My reprimand is towards all those today echoing the mood music yesterday on twitter: “All Hail the Conquering Hero”

Those who would no doubt be excusing and supporting a certain David Lawley-Wakelin even louder if the Leveson Inquiry had found itself today one judge short of a merry dance or the country had noticed it was one former prime minister short of a foursome reel.

Change partners. Thank you. Time for a new dance.


Longer version of the incident –


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