Tony Talks Dirty (about Gordon) to Andrew Marr

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10th May 2012

I was halfway through a post on the Responsibility to Protect, then got distracted. Not that we don’t have a responsibility to protect at all times, but hey, we all need time out for a giggle.

I challenge you to watch this edited Andrew Marr interview of Tony Blair (2m 45s) without laughing, or at least smiling. Brilliant work.

Why the long silence?

The famous Blair hesitancy habit & pausing technique are captured beautifully at the start  – “I mean I was… in love” –  he says seemingly taken aback by the thought.

Gordon is enormous

“I remember just waking up that morning with a sort of strange man… occasionally it was stretched pretty far, yeah… Gordon is enormous and it’s not unnatural to get on the bandwagon but… he didn’t stop it… I was very, very, very hard and I was very happy but I had a huge stimulus package and we did it.”

I was hardly ramming it through

It’s all beautifully done but I laughed out loud at his facial expression at around 2:18 – “Well I was hardly ramming it through but I definitely came […] I could reach parts of Gordon that possibly Gordon couldn’t.”

Credit: 80gumdrops – Re-editing the world, one video at a time

So where was I? Oh yes the responsibility to protect. Now don’t YOU start!

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