Putin conspired with France’s Chirac to block UN Resolution on Iraq

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Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm June 6-8 2007, shortly before Blair left office.

24th January 2012

Tony Blair’s testimony to Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry and to every other questioner on the issue of France blocking a new UN resolution was accurate. France’s Chirac really was determined to scupper the allies’ drive to secure UN backing for war.

According to BBC 2’s Putin, Russia and the West it us hard to come to any other conclusion than this one:

Tony Blair was right.

France and Germany, fair-weather friends of Britain and the USA, were in it together in order to foil US/UK attempts to secure UN backing for war against Saddam’s Iraq.


So, did you switch over to BBC2 last Thursday evening hoping to see the bit about how British spydom was simply dumb? Me too.  It was all over the media, including the BBC. The Russians were “bang to rights” said Jonathan Powell, Blair’s former aide. Since we Brits just LOVE to hear how the bad guys are the good guys and we Brits and Americans, as we all know, are really the bad guys, I had to make sure I didn’t miss it.  I even let the laptop cool down for an hour or so!

Know your enemy, as they say.

I dutifully switched to the BBC and it seems the use of “bang to rights” was no more than a sprat to catch a mackerel. We read all about the “bang to” and “rights” bit on the Russians. Just as we haven’t read all about this interesting excerpt that – let me repeat for the hard of understanding of political intrigue and ally skewering:


If you did watch the programme you might have been (temporarily) disappointed.

No stone was left unturned in my efforts to catch the up turning of the “spy rock“.  It didn’t show up; not in a Moscow street, park or anywhere else. This Thursday, it seems.

However, last Thursday’s episode was not to be missed.

Part 1 of 4 of Putin, Russia and the West – ‘Taking Control‘. (Four weeks left to view, UK only) – Watch it here

Update: Whole programme is also viewable on YouTube here


Putin, Russia & the West is also reviewed here at The Telegraph by David Blair (no relation, as far as I know.)

To be continued in next post. (That’s enough of a shock for the Blair haters for one day.) Just remember –



Chirac, Putin & Schroder agreed to veto ANY US resolution at UN to attack Iraq. Principled or political?

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Programme info:  Putin, Russia & the West – Taking Control

  • Broadcast on BBC Two, 9:00PM Thu, 19 Jan 2012
  • Available until 9:59PM Thu, 16 Feb 2012
  • First broadcast BBC HD, 9:00PM Thu, 19 Jan 2012


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Comment samples follow from the Ban Blair-Baiting petition

1. I completely agree with everything that has been said on this website. As Prime Minister, Tony Blair worked tirelessly and selflessly in the interests of the people, and continues to do so today. He is primarily a humanitarian, and doesn’t deserve any of the vitriol that has been levelled at him. He was a great Prime Minister, is a thoroughly decent man; and should in my opinion, be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding work. – David Miliband (New Labour’s heir) for the next PM!

2. Best politician in Britain by a long way.

3. Fully support the petition. The criticism of Mr Blair has gone way beyond anything acceptable and seems to be carried out mainly by those who are looking to wash their hands of any involvement in supporting the Iraq war at the time. It is very easy to be ‘wise after the event’ and to make assumptions about how much Mr Blair knew or did not know before the war. In these people’s eyes, the former PM is guilty whatever the evidence.

4. An excellent petition this for a very undervalued PM. A PM who is not only the best in my lifetime but my parents lifetime too!

See full signature list


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